Kitchen Renovation Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid

While there isn’t any one correct answer when it comes to designing your kitchen, there are a few things that you shouldn’t do to make your kitchen more practical and easy to use. For those who are about to embark on creating bespoke kitchens Sussex renovations, these tips can help you to avoid making some of the mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

  1. Building Cabinetry Next To The Stove – One of the first things you need to avoid is placing cabinetry right next to the stove on both sides. The reason for this is that it causes problems with space and with constant mess. Instead it’s more advisable to place benchtops on both sides of the cooking area to really open up this space to make it more versatile. This however depends on the room size.
  2. Not Testing A Sample Of The Benchtop – If you’re able to, try to get a sample of the benchtop to take home with you. In doing this you can test it with different items such as oils, red wine, lemon juice etc to see whether it keeps its pattern and can withstand this abuse. If it can, then it’s a great choice for your needs.
  3. Not Installing Easy To Access Corner Cupboards – Blind cupboards can be problematic for those who can’t get into them very well. Instead, try to opt for corner cabinets that allow easy access. 3 door opening kitchen corner cabinets are great choices as they allow access to the entire section of the cupboard with ease.


When it comes to renovating your kitchen it’s important to take all these mistake tips into consideration to make sure your kitchen is practical in design. We’re you about to make any of these mistakes?

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