The Types Of Glass For Your Bi Fold Patio Doors Hertfordshire

Bi fold patio doors are a popular choice amongst many property owners to add value to their property. Bi-fold patio doors Hertfordshire are generally made up of a frame and a sheet of glass which allows for maximum viewing and light within a home. While the glass may just look like ordinary glass, did you know there’s actually many types of glass which are available? The following is a guide on the types of glass that could be used in your patio bifolding doors.

Glass Types In Bi-Fold Doors

Toughened Glass – Toughened glass offers optimal strength and safety when used in bi-folding doors. This glass is generally heat strengthened by high temperatures before being rapidly cooled to make an impact resistant and stronger surface area. This type of glass is general used for splash backs and colour back glass. Due to its brittle nature, toughen glass has a tendency to break into smaller pieces instead of sharp pieces to make a strong and safer option for all home.

Laminated Glass – Another safety option is laminated glass. Laminated glass is widely used in glazing industries and generally features two glass sheets which are pressed together with a thin clean vinyl. With enough force the glass will break but the vinyl layer will stop the glass from falling on the floor. It also helps to promote noise reduction due to the dampening of the vinyl layer.

Low E Glass – This type of glass is generally used in bi-folds to help reduce energy bills because of its energy efficiency. This glass has been coated with a special material layer which allows for the glass to block damaging UV rays while also reflecting solar heat to your house’s exterior. It also has the ability to reflect heat and cold from appliances on the inside as well to help insulate the home better.


As you can see there are many different types of bi-folding patio doors available with many different glass options to select from. By knowing the glass options you can make an informed decision about the type of door you’re after. So have you found the bi-fold door that suits your home?


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