What Are the Risks of Remapping?

Vehicle remapping can be a great thing when done right on any vehicle. Mercedes remapping when completed can make a vehicle powerful, more fuel efficient, and smoother while driving. However, before you take your vehicle for a remapping service, it’s important to take into consideration the risks that are involved. The following are the top risks of engine remapping before you get it done.

Risks Involved With Engine Remapping

  1. Engine Damage – If the improper parameters are set it can cause engine damage. Engines can overheat, seize up, and ‘blow’ up if you’re not careful.
  2. Emissions Approval – In some cases your car may be illegal with the amount of emissions that it produces.
  3. Increased Maintenance – Depending on your vehicle you may find it will wear faster over time and will require increased maintenance.
  4. You’ll Drive Faster – In some cases you’ll drive a lot faster which is a risk in itself as you may be prone to more crashes.
  5. Power Train and Clutch Wear – Some vehicles may experience more wear of the clutch and the power train.


Engine remapping while beneficial can have its risks. It’s important to realise all the risks involved in the remapping process so you can make an informed decision. When completed properly however the benefits you receive from the service include more power, better driving, and more control. All these benefits can outweigh the risks if you find a mechanic that specialises in the type of remapping you’re after. So are you having your vehicle remapped?

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